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Supreme Elite Star Inc.
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Supreme Elite Star Music Inc.

Dallas, Tx

They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this Hip Hop/R&B Group. Composed of a group of inspirational musicians and skillful performers, the artists behind Supreme Elite Star Music have earned their reputation as a talented band to look out for. From live gigs to studio sessions and more, they continue to touch fans around the world with their distinct and enjoyable musical style. Explore the site and check out their music below.


About Supreme Elite Star Music

To be "Elite" is to be in possession of superior qualities and abilities among the best of the best.  Elite Star Productions is a Rap and R&B independent music brand that represents that definition completely, with also adding the "Star" to represent their hometown of Dallas, Texas.

Elite Star Productions was originally formed in 1999 with group members Suav\e (CEO/Founder) and Elite Star recording artist Boi B releasing their first self-titled demo project in 2001.  After the release of multiple mixtape projects early in their career which also featured Elite Star R&B recording artist King John, Elite Star Productions expanded the brand and in 2004 added group members Mike Dubb, Cheddar, D. Green, and P. Redd to the artist roster with the release of their debut album "Against Tha Grain" produced by Suav’e. 

"The Take Off" 3-Part Album series is the latest music release from Elite Star featuring the hit single "Legend" produced by Cormill and co-produced by Grammy award producer D-Moet.  The "Legend" theatrical music video is available on Youtube directed by So Nervy Films featuring mainstream New York comedian Tony Rock and Dallas Texas artist Fat Pimp powered by Worldwide Entertainment and Billionaire Focus Group.

As the climate of social injustice continues to rise in America Elite Star presents the Rap/R&B duo by Suav'e and King John "Eighty3" with the release of their new single "Black Man" which provides a powerful statement of inequality for Black Americans in our society.

Elite Star has released over 20 mixtapes and albums independently and are still currently in the process of recording multiple projects for future release.  Elite Star also provides specialized services like music production and audio engineering which adds substance to the definition of what being "Addicted To The Hustle" is all about. 



CEO / Artist / Producer / Audio Engineer / Song Writer

Suav'e began his music career prior to creating Supreme Elite Star Music, Inc. as a young self-taught musician who had a passion for writing songs and producing music.  With over 20 years of experience Suav'e has been certified by the Dallas Sound Lab School for the Recording Arts in the Business of Music, Producing and Songwriting, and has also received the Pro Tools 10 User Certification from Media Tech Institute. Check out the latest updates from Suav'e by clicking the Instagram link below.

Mike Dubb

VP / Artist / Rapper / Song Writer

Mike Dubb is the youngest member of Elite Star however his grind and persistence quickly moved him up the ranks as the Vice President of Supreme Elite Star Music.  Mike Dubb started his rap career at an early age and joined the Elite Star family in 2004 after being introduced to Suav'e as they both attended Larry's Barber College in Dallas, Tx along with label mates Cheddar, P. Redd & D. Green which sparked the creation of the debut album form Elite Star "Against Tha Grain"!  Click the Instagram link below for more updates from Mike Dubb!


King John

Artist / Singer / Producer / Song Writer

King John has been with Supreme Elite Star Music, Inc. from the very beginning.  King John started his career in R&B as an original member of Elite Star but would solidify his singing, writing and producing abilities as a member of R&B group Confidential.  King John has continued to create new and innovative music throughout his musical journey.  Click the link below check out the latest updates from King John on Instagram!


Artist / Rapper / Song Writer

Dallas Texas rap artist Cheddar is a hometown favorite representing for Elite Star with his high energy performances on stage to his story telling abilities from real life experiences that he carefully crafts into classic music!  Cheddar started his rap career prior to joining Elite Star in 2004 and exploded on the scene with the writing and performance of the classic Elite Star single "Big Trucks"!  Check out more updates from Cheddar on Instagram by clicking the link below.